A.S. Watson Group has long been committed to nurturing talent, thus improving the leadership capability and skills of its staff. All of the Group’s talent development programmes centre on our customers’ needs. To facilitate our long-term development, we officially launched Hong Kong’s first “Retail Academy” in 2018. The Academy manages the Group’s talent development programmes, all of which focus on application and practice and emphasise the necessity of applying theory to customer services, sales and operations. This approach not only helps our employees master the professional skills needed in their positions, but also broadens their horizons and improves their problem-solving skills. The A.S. Watson Group Retail Academy will continue to provide our employees with a platform for continuing education, offering them recognised professional qualifications while supporting their career development.

Our programmes focus on application and practice, and emphasise the necessity of applying theory to key functions.

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A.S. Watson Group Retail Academy Organisation Structure

Vision & Mission


To become Hong Kong’s top retail academy for skills, knowledge and best practices.


We aim to offer retail workers a continuing education platform, with a view to nurturing retail talents, equipping them with skills and knowledge, encouraging their competitiveness and further developing their passion.